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I Am Worried

Selma Fraiberg

... I am worried about millions of children who are being served by Child Care Industries Incorporated. I worry about babies and small children who are delivered like packages to neighbours, to strangers, to storage houses like Merry Mites. In the years when a baby and his parents make their first enduring partnerships, when love, trust, joy, and self-valuation emerge through the nurturing love of human partners, millions of small children in our land may be learning values for survival in our baby banks. They may learn the rude justice of the communal playpen. They may learn that the world outside of the home is an indifferent world, or even a hostile world. Or they may learn that all adults are interchangeable, that love is capricious, that human attachment is a perilous investment, and that love should be hoarded for the self in the service of survival...

Excerpted from Every Child's Birthright. Copyright © by Selma Fraiberg. Bantam Books.